3.2 Release Notes

We are very excited to announce the latest release of the Postano Platform3.2. For this release, we are adding a new stream type and a ton of filters to our curation workflow.


-Like Based Streams

We added a new stream type to both Twitter and Instagram, Liked Posts. Liked Posts allow you to add content that was liked by a Twitter account or an authenticated Instagram account. While we think Postano has the best curation workflow of any platform out there, we realized that many of our customers already had a social team in place that was selecting and liking great content natively on Twitter and Instagram. Rather than finding that content all over again in the Postano UI, now you can create a stream from that content.  

-Curation Filters

For this release, we are also introducing new filters designed for the curation view. These filters make is easy to find the specific content that you are looking for. Our new filters include Network, Media Type, Image Color, Image Size, Engagement Likes, Engagement Shares, Engagement Comments, User Followers, and Verified Users Only. In addition to each of these filters, we also added a Search field to make it easy to look for a certain keyword or phrase.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some verbiage inconsistencies in the UI
  • Fixed Interstitials removal UI quirk in the style editor
  • Corrected some visual issues in Safari with the theme library UI
  • Avatars for users were disappearing and would require a refresh to reappear, this is fixed
  • Fixed 0 post per minute issue in Command Center
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