Technical Requirements for Event Displays

The following information will help you launch your Postano display successfully. For additional assistance, please contact us at at least 7 days in advance of your event.


Technical Requirements

  • Each screen must be powered by a dedicated Desktop or Laptop Compouter (Mac or PC) and be connected to the screen with an HDMI Cable.
  • Each Desktop or Laptop Computer must have at least a 2.6 GHZ Intel Core i7 or Equivalent Processor, and must be running the latest version of the Google Chrome browser (version 55.0.2883.95 or Higher).
  • Each Desktop or Laptop Computer must also have a Dedicated Internet Connection (Hardwired is preferred, but Wifi will work if it is dedicated).


Please update your Computer Settings to ensure your Computer does not go to sleep:

On a Mac, follow the steps below:

1. Go to System Preferences
2. Click on Energy Saver (Light Bulb icon)
3. Adjust the Slider for Battery and Power Adapter to the far right (Never)
4. Ensure “Put Hard Disks to Sleep when Possible” is unchecked for both Battery and Power Adapter
5. Ensure “Enable Power Nap” is unchecked for both Battery and Power Adapter.


On a PC follow these steps:

1. Open Control Panel
2. Open Power Options
3. Click “Change when the computer sleeps”
4. Change “Turn off the display” to Never
5. Change “Put the computer to Sleep” to Never


Display Launch:

1. Ensure the Computer Displays are not being mirrored; Each Display should be a secondary Screen.
2. Open the Postano URL in Google Chrome
3. Set the Browser Window to “Full Screen”

To set the Browser Window to Full Screen:

  • On a PC, press F11 on your Keyboard
  • On a Mac, Choose the View Menu > Enter Full Screen.  Make sure that the option for "Always Show Toolbar in Full Screen" is not selected.


  • There is no need to refresh the URL’s; Visualizations will automatically refresh themselves with the latest approved content.
  • If your Internet fails, Postano’s 'Keep Alive' technology will display cached content until it is restored.


Recommended Chrome Extensions:

To ensure Visualizations looks the best they can, it is helpful to download the extension below:

CHROMOJI - This enables emojis to be displayed on the Visualization.



Last Updated: 1/6/2017 - Josh Brewster


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