3.1 Release Notes

We are very excited to announce the latest release of the Postano Platform, 3.1. In this release we have added various new features and improvements as well as some bug fixes. 


-Style Editor Themes

The Style Editor now allows you to save the design settings (colors, fonts, sizes, etc) and visual style for a visualization as a theme that can be used across all the visualizations in your account. You can also set a theme as a "default" theme which will set it to be the starting configuration whenever you create a new visualization.  

-Q&A Moderation Mode

Our new Q&A moderation mode is designed for conferences and events that want to feature one social post at a time and manually select when to feature the next piece of content. This is perfect for conference moderators fielding questions from social media so that they can coordinate the timing of the social display with the questions and answers.

-Optimized Video Support for Visualizations

Postano visualizations now support playback of all forms of social video including Instagram videos, Twitter videos, Facebook videos, Vines, Youtube, and Vimeo. Users can designate within the Style Editor for the video to play the full length or only play a timed duration.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • Twitter Custom Emojis in Visualizations
  • Improved Account Settings UI
  • Added Retweets to the UGC Tab in Hashtag Analytics
  • Improved Responsive UI to clearly show the user what posts they have approved

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with emoticons not displaying when a bold font is used in visualizations
  • Fixed issue with style editor settings being removed if a stream is added at the campaign level
  • Fixed issue with photo mosaic not showing all posts
  • Fix issue with adding topics to Command Center
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