How to add a Smart Stream

Smart Streams: Our powerful social media aggregation platform has advanced filtering or ‘Smart Streams’ that create streams of content that can be tailored to display the exact content you desire. Filter your streams according to your preferences by adding stipulations like ‘tweets that include #CampVibes and #PolerStuff’ or ‘Instagram photos with #Nike and exclude @Adidas’ to get the perfect stream.


To add a Smart Stream, click on the + icon to the right of the Campaign you'd like to add it too, in our case, Poler. 


Choose ‘Add New Streams’


Add the particular hashtag, @ mention or user you want to have one of the rules be. 


You can uncheck any social network you don't want to bring in, click on it once to turn it gray. 


Choose ‘Add Filter’


You can either Include another stream or Exclude a stream. 


Now you need to add the second rule. You can either include or exclude another hashtag or keyword.

Once the smart stream has been added, you will see the Stream in green in the Stream Library. By hovering over the stream, you will see the rule that has been added.

*Disclaimer: you can not alter the rules once it’s added


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