Moderation Best Practices

Editorial Guidelines

  1. Quality is more important than quantity. A few posts a day is often all that is needed to keep things fresh.
  2. Date/Time of post does not matter. Do not feel pressured to make curation decisions in real time. Schedule one or two times a day to review and approve content. Consumers do not care about the timestamp of the post.
  3. Try and apply the same standards of quality that are applied to owned marketing content. UGC isn’t an excuse to lower quality standards. This is especially true with product photos. They should be the very best quality.
  4. With Postano’s ability to transform text into digital posters, text posts can be just as strong or stronger visually than photos/videos. Make sure you approve just as many or more text posts than images/videos
  5. Keep an eye out for photos that reflect the lifestyle the brand is aiming for.
  6. Do not approve photos that are letter-boxed (white or black bars at top and bottom) or multi-image. They will not look good on the screen.
  7. Install a similar screen in the office where the curation is taking place. Seeing approved content in the same format as the store is essential to improve curation decisions.


Examples and Tips

Letter-boxed image

Multiple images or collage style

Look at a user's profile name and photo to make sure they are not offensive or depict anything you don't want to see on the visualization
Keep it positive, fun and clean!

**You can moderate content from your desktop computer, the Postano mobile app or your mobile browser. 

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