Mobile Moderation

If you do not have the Postano iOS or Android app, or are using an iPad or other tablet, you can use your mobile browser to moderate Postano content.


Go to and log in using your personal user credentials.

When you log in, you’ll be shown the menu bar.
Click on the visualization you are moderating under campaign and then click on the hamburger in the upper right hand corner to go to the moderation.

By scrolling down you will now see all of the content waiting to be moderated.

To Moderate:

  1. Single tap to mark as approved (green check mark)
  2. Double tap to mark as delete (red trash can)

Hit “publish” when you’re ready to push your batch through to the live visualization


To add a stream, click on the Plus button next to the Stream Library or the Gear icon next a particular campaign.

Click on Add A Stream

Choose the stream that you’d like to add and follow the corresponding steps

Once you press finish, the new stream will now be added to the Campaign and is ready to moderate.

Click on the 'Approved' button to see all the posts that have been approved and are live on the visualization.

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