How To Moderate Content

Moderation is a key component of the Postano platform.

To log into Postano, go to and sign in using your credentials.


Click on the Campaign that you want to moderate for your activation and make sure it is highlighted in magenta. Posts that have already been published to the visualization will show at the top of the screen with a white background. Posts that are in your queue and waiting to be moderated are at the bottom with a black background.

To moderate content, hover over a post in the queue and click on the arrow in the top right corner of the post to bring up the lightbox view.

Approve the content by clicking on 'Approve' or pressing the Enter key

Reject the content by clicking on 'Reject' or pressing the Delete key

Block users by clicking on Block. Blocking a user will block their posts from appearing in the queue in that campaign. It will not affect the user on any social network.

If you don't want to take any action on a post, you can click on the Next or Previous buttons. You do not have to approve/reject every post.

Click done to go back to the moderation view. You will see the posts in the queue that have been checked green or a red X. Make sure that the posts are correctly marked and then press 'Publish' in the bottom right hand corner to publish the posts to your live visualization.

The approved posts will be moved to the top half of the screen and the rejected posts will be moved to the garbage.


Additional Notes

If you want to delete a post that has been approved, hover over the post and click the three dots. You can either move the post to the garbage or block the user.

You can batch moderate the visible queue by clicking the 'Moderate # For Approval'. Clicking once will mark all for approval, clicking again will mark all for rejection, and clicking a third time will unselect all.  

The magenta line between the approved posts and queue can be clicked on and dragged up or down to give you a better view of either section. Clicking on the bow with a line in it in the bottom left of the footer will move the magenta line to the very top, bottom, or back to the middle.

To view the rejected posts or blocked users, click the garbage can icon in the bottom left corner. In the trash light box view, you can approve posts and automatically move them live to the visualization. You can also view your blocked users and unblock ones that you want to appear back in your queue.




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