Hashtag Analytics User Guide

Hashtag Analytics User Guide

  • Welcome Workflow
  • How to Create a Campaign
  • Hashtag Analytics Overview
    - UGC
    - Brand
    - Demographics
    - Custom
  • Campaign Settings
  • Stream Library
  • User Account Settings
  • Billing Settings


Welcome Workflow

Upon logging into your Hashtag Analytics account on the Postano Platform for the first time, you will be be greeted with a one-time social authentication module.

By authenticating your Instagram and Twitter accounts, the platform will be able to collect data for your account. This is a one-time event and does not need to be a brand account, it can be your personal account (the platform will not collect personal data).


How to Create a Campaign

To create your first campaign, click on the ‘Track a Campaign’ button or click on the + icon next to Campaigns in the navigation panel.

First create a name for your campaign. This name will appear in the navigation panel on the left under Campaigns.

Next, you have the option of adding your brand accounts for Twitter and Instagram. For example, the company Poler Stuff would add their accounts on and Each brand account acts a stream of content and counts towards your account’s stream limit.

Though it is optional, we highly recommend adding your accounts so you will be able to track them in the Brand tab. If you decide to skip this step, you can always add them later in the Campaign Settings.


Next input the hashtag that you want to track. You do not need to add the # symbol. Both Instagram and Twitter are default options, but you can select just one if you want to. The hashtag on each social network counts toward your account’s stream limit.

(If you added both of your brand’s Twitter and Instagram account and a hashtag on both Instagram and Twitter, you have used four streams)


Your campaign will be created as the social data will load into your account and you will be presented with the default hashtag analytics view on the UGC tab. You will see your campaign’s name in the navigation panel in pink signifying that is the active campaign you are viewing.


Hashtag Analytics Overview

Hashtag Analytics is composed of four dashboards: UGC, Brand, Demographics, and Custom.



The UGC dashboard is a view of the user-generated content from Twitter and Instagram that uses your selected hashtag.

Charts include:

  • Twitter & Instagram posts by volume
  • Total posts - total amount of Instagram + Twitter posts
  • Total impressions - total numbers of posts multiplied by the total number of a user’s followers - (not including retweets)

  • Top Influencers - rank of accounts who have used the selected hashtag by follower account
  • Top Posts - Top 8 UGC that used the selected hashtag ranked by Instagram likes or Twitter favorites

  • Top Hashtags in Posts - A wordcloud of the most used hashtags along with your selected hashtag
  • Top Keywords in Posts - A wordcloud of the most used keywords along with your selected hashtag
  • Top @Replies - a rank of the most common Twitter users mentioned along with your selected hashtag

  • Network Volume - A visualization of the quantity of UGC used on each social network
  • Audience Attitude - A bar chart showing the amount of positive and negative sentiment UGC posts for your selected time period



The brand dashboard is a view of a brand’s accounts on Twitter and Instagram and their content that used the selected hashtag.

Charts Include:

Twitter & Instagram follower growth for the selected time period

Top Posts by Engagement - The posts that used the selected hashtag from a brand’s account ranked by Instagram likes or Twitter favorites

Network Volume - A visualization of the quantity of posts the brand accounts have created on each social network that used the selected hashtag

Klout Score - A daily ranking of the brand’s Klout score


Additional Brand Dashboard Features

  • Ability to customize the date range and timezone of data shown  
  • Ability to click on the follower count graph and see the influential moments that impacted a campaign and the actual content that was shared that made such an impact.
  • Ability to download the data from any chart to a csv file
  • Click on the top posts to see a lightbox view with additional meta data and ability to view the original source



The Demographics dashboard is a view of the demographics data provided by StatSocial of people who participating in your hashtag campaign. StatSocial takes data samples from Twitter of people who have used your selected hashtag to acquire the demographics and interests information.

Upon creation of your campaign, StatSocial will require a certain amount of time to collect an accurate sample size of your data. The dashboard will show the amount of time remaining until the demographics data is ready to display.

The Demographics tab is only available to subscribers of the Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans. 

Once the data is loaded, charts include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Top Countries

  • Top Interests
  • Top Brand Categories
  • Influencers
  • Top TV Shows




The Custom Dashboard is a view where users can create their own custom dashboards and charts. 

There are thousands of possibilities of different types of charts you can create using your campaign's data. Play around with the report builder to find one that fits your needs.


Campaign Settings

To see the settings panel for your campaign, first click on your campaign in the navigation to make sure it is active. Then click the settings tab with the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.

In the campaign settings panel you can:

  • Rename your campaign
  • Add or delete brand accounts
  • Add or delete streams
  • Add streams of content from other social networks
  • Delete your campaign


User Account Settings

The User Account Settings panel is where you will find all your information about your account and it's limits. To access the User Account Settings panel, click the Account Setting link in the bottom left of the screen.

This will present you with your accounts settings panel that shows your current account details and ways to request help if you are having issues or bugs in the platform.


Stream Library

The Stream Library is where all your streams of content are stored, allowing you to view the content within the stream. The Stream Library is organized by Categories, allowing you to keep streams organized and easily find the content you want to see. If you already have created a campaign, you will find the streams of content from your brand accounts and hashtags here.

Stream Library features include:

  • Create, delete, or rename Categories
  • Create, delete, or rename Streams
  • Endless scroll to view more posts
  • Clicking on a post launches the lightbox view to see more metadata
  • Ability to share content to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest from lightbox view 
  • Ability to view single streams of content or multiple in the Category view
  • Simple metrics in the top right corner show how much content is being created each day



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