3.0 Release Notes

We are very excited to announce the latest release of the Postano Platform, 3.0. In this release we have added a new product offering, Hashtag Analytics, as well as improvements to the platform including responsive design, new settings, and a focus on campaigns.

Hashtag Analytics

Hashtag Analytics is a new self-service solution from Postano that provides marketers with visual, cross-network social analytics focused around hashtag campaigns. Hashtag Analytics takes a visual approach to campaign tracking, showing the you the data and content that is powering your campaign. Hashtag Analytics is composed of five dashboards: Brand, UGC, Demographics, Networks, and Reports.

Features Include:

  • UGC Analytics - Track the performance of your hashtag campaign, follower counts, most engaged content, and influential contributors
  • Brand Dashboard - View how your brand accounts on Twitter and Instagram are performing and see the trends in your content that is resonating with your fans
  • Interactive Charts - Ability to click on charts to see the content behind the data
  • Fan Demographics - Powered by StatSocial, get better insight into who your fans are with information like age, gender, and ethnicity as well as top interests, favorite brands, influencers, and TV shows
  • Report Builder - create custom charts and build out reports of the exact data you want to see
  • Social Attitude - See the sentiment of your fans and how they are responding to your campaign
  • Much, much more 

Postano Platform Improvements

Responsive Design

The Postano Platform is now fully responsive, providing an optimal viewing and interacting experience on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Users can log in to from any device and add streams, curate content, view analytics, and much more.

Improved Settings Control

You can find the improved user account settings by clicking on your name in the lower left corner and the new campaign and visualization settings in the top right corner on the gear icon.

UI Focus on Campaigns

The first big thing you’ll notice in Postano 3.0 is a change in the navigation labels from ‘Streams’ to ‘Stream Library’ and ‘Postanos’ to ‘Campaigns.’ In working with our clients we found that a majority were using visualizations like the Social Embed or Display as part of a campaign, whether for a three-month campaign or a campaign for a specific event.


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