Postano Glossary

This glossary is intended to inform users on what the terminology used throughout the Postano platform and product base means. 



- A campaign in Postano is a collection of social streams related to a specific campaign, event, or idea. It is typically centered on a specific hashtag.


Moderate (optional)

- Primary tab on a campaign that enables you to select which content is approved or rejected for visualizations or embeds.



- Primary tab on campaign that provides a comprehensive and interactive dashboard, usually a hashtag based campaign.



- Campaigns - Settings for a campaign enables editing of the campaign name, setting up and revising brand accounts, hashtag streams, other social network streams, publish settings, filters, ability to clear the moderation queue, and deleting a campaign.

- Visualization/web embeds - Settings for a visualization/web embed enables editing of the visualization/web embed name, managing the streams including adding new, activating/deactivating existing and changing the moderation settings.



- Stands for User Generated Content.

- UGC is a dashboard in Analytics that shows all user generated content for a selected hashtag.



- Brand represents the official social accounts promoting or sponsoring a hashtag campaign.

- It is a dashboard in Analytics that displays information about hashtag posts from these accounts. These accounts are set up per campaign in the campaign setup workflow or edited in campaign settings.



- Analysis and insight about the participants of a campaign, meaning the people who posted content that is part of the campaign collection of posts. Insights include gender, age groups, ethnicity, countries, interests, brands, influencers, tv shows.

- Demographics is a dashboard in Analytics.

- Demographics of participants in Postano is powered by StatSocial. More information can be found at


Add’l Networks

- Many campaigns are not limited to Twitter and Instagram. For counts and insight beyond Instagram and Twitter, Add’l Networks enables the ability to monitor 14 additional social networks and sources.



- Custom enables users to build their own charts and graphs and create a custom dashboard.



- A single source of social content that continuously updates. A stream is connected to a specific social network and is based on a single criteria like a hashtag or a user account.


Hashtag Stream

- A stream based on a hashtag.


Smart Stream

- A stream with additional filter rules that exclude or include specific content.


Stream Library

- Collection of streams that are active in an account.



- A single piece of content published to a social network. It may include text, image, video, and other meta data like author and time published.



- Represents the amount of total potential views for single posts based on the author’s follower count or size of audience.


Total Impressions

- The sum of all the potential impressions for a given set of posts.



- The type of plan associated with a Postano account. For Hashtag Analytics, plans include Basic, Plus, and Pro. For products and options beyond Hashtag Analytics, there is a single plan Custom, which includes higher threshholds and additional products like Embeds, Visualizations, and Command Center.



- A social media user who has at least one follower or friend. Their influence is determined by how many followers or friends that they have.


Audience Attitude

- Analyzed on a per post basis, Audience Attitude refers to the emotion behind a social media post. This metric is displayed in Hashtag Analytics as either positive or negative attitude.



- Users, other than the author, that are included or mentioned in posts.



- Words that are used often within a specific collection of posts.



- Measurement of how many actions happen on a post by other users. This includes like, favorite, comment, retweet, etc.


Network Volume

- How many posts in total were posted on a network based on a specific set of criteria, like hashtag by UGC.


Klout Score

- Klout is a measurement score by Lithium that indicates how influential a user is on social networks. Top score is 100.

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