2.8.8 Release Notes

Version 2.8.8 of the Postano Platform brings with it two new features for the Command Center Remote, Ability to edit dimension and Compare.

Command Center Remote: Editing Dimensions

Users can now edit the name, Twitter search and Instagram search for existing dimensions.

Features Include:

  • Ability to edit the name of the dimension.
  • Ability to edit the Twitter and Instagram searches to adjust a dimensions focus based on needs.

Command Center Remote: Compare

The Compare feature gives users the power to select one or more dimensions at a time giving users unlimited flexibility to compare dimensions within a category to eachother.

Features Include:

  • Ability to select 1 or more dimensions in Compare mode by simply tapping a dimension to activate it and once again to deactivate it.
  • Real-time updating: See the Command Center update as you add more dimensions to reflect the data behind your comparison.


  • New Command Center Remote UI: The remote UI has been reorganized for optimum efficiency and ease of use
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