2.8 Release Notes

We are very excited to announce the latest release of the Postano Platform, 2.8. This release brings with it new Style Editor updates. Also in this release there were various enhancements and bug fixes.

See what's new with Postano 2.8!

Web Embed Style Editor

The new Web Embed Style Editor gives users the ability to create and customize their own social web embeds in our platform. Users will be able to choose from six different embed types and then customize the colors, fonts, text size and more - all with needing to only embed one time. The Web Embed Style Editor includes a CSS editor to give web designers unprecedented control over the look and feel of their embeds.

Features Include:

  • Embed Once - Now there is no need to place a new embed code on your site when changes are made. A single embed code is all you need and you are all set to continue to customize your hub and see the changes applied
  • Infinite Scroll - Social content is loaded as the user scrolls
  • Live Preview - As you make changes to your social embed, a live preview is displayed on screen to show you what the embed will look like on your site
  • Stream Filters - Allows the user to filter the content by either social network or hashtag
  • Other key features are: Improved performance (Social embeds load in less then a second), CSS overwrites, Responsive, Mobile support, Support for IE9+ and other modern browsers, multiple embeds on a page, and more!  

Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • New social embeds are optimized with a focus on performance. Embeds that used to take three to four seconds to load now take less than one second
  • Smart Stream now supports open strings! Now instead of just being limited to a hashtag you can use boolean searches (ex. #Apple and not “Fiona Apple”)
  • Support for text-only posts in Carousel visualization and social embed
  • Improved post-deduplication logic
  • Optimizations to our image color code
  • Support for the use of @ in the URL for posts

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Unmoderated Postanos so that they show more one screenful of content
  • Fix for enabling clear queues on the account level
  • Fixed issue where Photo Mosaic would occasionally show old posts and duplicates
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