2.7 Release Notes

We are very excited to announce a new release of the Postano Platform, 2.7, which brings User Generated Content permissions and Stay Alive™ features to our platform. Also this release are bug fixes and performance enhancements.

New Features:

UGC Permissions (Beta)

Postano platform now offers the ability to request permissions for UGC from Instagram and Twitter.

Stay Alive

Advanced detection technology that allows events and web embeds to never go down. Stay Alive allows your Postano visualizations to keep running through any disruption in service and Internet connectivity issues.

Premium Visualizations - Photo Mosaic

For our Premium Visualizations, Photo Mosaic is available as a visualization option in the Postano platform. This is the first of many new and exciting Premium visualizations coming to the platform.

Performance and Bug Fixes

Performance Enhancements:

Web embeds are now lighting fast with our new Postano caching service. This includes speedy social hubs and carousels.

80% speed and performance increase across the Postano platform.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed minor issue with fonts displaying incorrectly in style editor.

Fixed analytics errors where the UI wouldn't display some analytics.

Fixed an issue when sometime duplicate posts would show in the UI.

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