2.6 Release Notes

We are very excited to announce a new release of the Postano Platform, 2.6, which brings an improved moderation interface to our platform. Our team has been hard at work to bring this release to our clients and we think you will love the improvement in speed and efficiency of moderating content.

See what’s new:



We’ve given our entire moderation UI a refresh to put a focus on the user-generated content and streamline the moderation process to be as easy as possible.


Team moderation has been streamlined so not only can multiple people moderate from the same account, but now multiple users can moderate a visualization at the same time without any duplication or deletion of content. As soon as one piece of content is approved or rejected by one user, that content will be instantly be removed from other users’ queues so that the content can’t be moderated twice.



The highlight of the 2.6 release is our new expanded moderation view. In this view, users can see the full details of a post (full-width photo, user name, and caption) and quickly approve or reject the content. Once a piece of content has been moderated, the next post in the queue seamlessly appears, allowing users to curate their feed faster than ever.


This view also supports hotkeys: pressing the enter or return key approves a post, the backspace or delete key rejects the post. This makes moderation lightning fast and users can curate hundreds of posts in just seconds.



In working with our clients we found many of them loved using iPads and tablets to moderate content as they walked around their live events. In order to make this a better experience we created a full-screen mode perfect for iPads that hides the navigation sidebar and fills the screen with the moderation interface. This gives more screen real estate to fan content and allows users to see and moderate content easier.



We’ve added a counter to the moderation interface that tracks the number of posts in real-time that have been created since the last time a user has moderated content. Users will no longer have to refresh the page to pull new content into the platform; they just need to click on the counter and it will bring the new content into the moderation queue.

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