2.5 Release Notes

The theme for this release is "creativity." With Postano 2.5, we are providing exciting new options to our customers to customize the look of visualizations with a powerful Style Editor and the ability to refine the streams of content with Smart Streams. 

Creative Style Editor

The new Style Editor gives users the ability to create and customize their own display visualizations in our platform. Users will be able to choose from a select amount of visualizations types (view our full Visualization Gallery) and then customize the colors, fonts, background image, timing, add sponsors or interstitials, and more.

Features Included:

  1. Colors: Change background colors and text colors.

  2. Fonts: Choose from our list of hand picked designer fonts or upload your own.

  3. Background Image: Upload an image that lives in the background of the visualization.

  4. Interstitial Image(s): Upload an interstitial image and show it between posts.

  5. Live Editing: Immediate live updates as you design your experience.

  6. Stay Alive: Never go down. Publish and see your posts on screen in realtime. Inline CSS Editor

These design features and CSS compatibility are unprecedented in our industry and really enforce the creative abilities brands are able to work with when they use the Postano Platform. 

Smart Streams

We've added the ability to create streams of content with highly targeted filters, Smart Streams, which allow users to narrow their streams and make them 'smart' to closer match their intended content.



Features Included:

  1. Create a rule sets for #hashtags, @mentions and @users across posts using Include and exclude.
  2. The following filter types are available: #hashtags, @mentions and @users

  3. New streams interface: Adding Smart Streams and streams has a brand new intuitive user experience

  4. Add batch Smart Stream hashtags across multiple networks

  5. Bug fixes 

Data Visualizations for events and displays

We are excited to introduce several new visualizations that integrate the data from our platform into our designs to create dynamic data visualizations. These data visualizations can show how selected hashtags are trending, create Twitter polls with fans voting using a hashtag, visualize the amount of posts coming from different social networks and much more. These new offerings are just another way to get creative with social data. Get a demo today.

Photo Mosaic

We are proud to offer a new Photo Mosaic visualization that creates a mosaic image out of aggregated social photos. When shown on the web, users can click on the mosaic and see a full resolution photo of a certain social post in a lightbox. This visualization allows a brand to celebrate and feature thousands of their fans' content in a unique and creative way. 












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