Postano 2.3 Release Notes



Introducing Postano Analytics 

We are hugely excited to announce the launch of Postano Analytics, our end-to-end solution for social monitoring and engagement measurement. This effort was the result of months of collaborative development alongside our customers, and the result is a visually stunning and cohesive experience. 

Social Monitoring 


With our first foray into social monitoring, we wanted to ensure that our users would have a centralized and simple way to view trends around their categories and feeds. As such, we put trends at the heart of the user interface. 

  • Users can view per-stream and per-category post counts for every one of their feeds.
  • These trends show up to 30 days of past content, with a per-day breakdown of trends to illustrate how your social content is performing over time. 
  • These counts are a simple yet powerful indicator of both user-generated and brand-generated content growth.

Social Hub Performance Dashboard 


Our analytics dashboard allows users to visualize and quantify fan engagement behavior and ROI on their social campaigns via geographic, temporal, tag-based and ecommerce-based metrics. Similarly, we placed this experience directly within the visualization dashboard to ensure ease of use and accessibility. 

  • Users can view trends in discrete time segments, all of which are adjustable in real time:
    • 30d: View the last 30 days of analytics content
    • 7d: View the last 7 days of analytics content
    • Yesterday: View yesterday’s activity.
    • Today: View today’s activity from 12:01AM to the current moment.

Visualization Trends 

  • Post Activity: See how many total posts have come in for your Hub.
  • Posts Approved: See how many posts were approved by your moderator(s).

Users can hover anywhere over this graph with their cursor to see a daily or hourly breakdown of post trends.  


  • Visitors: See how many visitors have viewed your social Hub.
  • Total Post Clicks: See how many clicks you received on your social posts in that Hub.
  • Return Vs. New: See a breakdown of new visits versus returning visits; see how your fanbase is developing and expanding over time.
  • Post Click Rate: See how often and at what rate your posts are being clicked on by visitors to your social Hub.
  • Average Time on Page: See how long the average visitor spends on your social Hub.
  • Post Views Per Visit: This tells a story of how many visitors your Hub had, how many posts were seen, and what the rate of post clicks were.


  • View a live heatmap of where your most active fans are coming from. 
    • Hovering over any of the countries on the map will show you your Hub’s total visitors from that country.
    • View a breakdown of the top 10 visiting countries to your social Hub.


  • Top Content by Social Network: View breakdowns of your visualization post content, segmented by social network. 
    • Posts Approved: View the social networks from which your approved posts stem.
    • Post Activity: View the social networks from which all of your posts stem.
    • Post Clicks: View the social networks from which your clicked posts stem; which are your most popular social properties?


  • Postano Engagement: View a breakdown of how your users are sharing the content that you’ve put up on your social Hub: from Facebook Shares to Retweets to Pinterest Pins, to clicking the original source URL. 
  • Top Attribution Links: View the top-clicked attribution links on your social Hub, including how many times those links were clicked. Which Attribution Links are your most popular?
  • Most Popular Hashtags: View a breakdown of your most popular hashtags across all of the posts in your visualization. Which hashtags are your fans using to engage with your brand? Which ones are you missing out on?

Foursquare and Weibo Beta

  • Foursquare: Connect to your Foursquare account to get all checkins for a venue. Great for events and display-oriented visualizations.
  • Weibo Beta: Postano is proud to be a first-to-market vendor for aggregating, curating, and displaying Weibo content. While this feature is in beta, we have received tons of requests from our customers to integrate this and other international social networks into our platform. Users can search for any tag across Weibo and pull that content into their visualizations. 

Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Fixed issue where adding @mentions was not working for visualizations.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect “Last Login Time” would display for a new user.
  • Fixed various issues with new user onboarding emails.
  • Fixed timeouts with Youtube and Facebook feeds.
  • Fixed issues where @usernames and #hashtags were not clickable on the posts.
  • Fixed issue where batched hashtags could not be created via a visualization.
  • Fixed issue where stream filter dropdown was not working for visualizations.
  • Fixed issue where stream filter would eliminate the “Export Hub” button.
  • Improved embedded stream filters for Social Hubs.
  • Batched hashtags can now be segmented by social network type. 
  • Fixed issue where UI did not warn user when they didn’t enter a number in their password.
  • Added brute force login prevention to block account login when a certain number of attempts are exceeded. 
  • Fixed issue where Load More button was not appearing for certain hubs.
  • Fixed issue where Loading spinner on Social Hubs would only appear once the posts started loading in.
  • Added API error codes and statuses for common scenarios.



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