How to Add a Postano Social Embed to Your Facebook Page

Before we begin, you will need:

1. An SSL-enabled domain (required). For example, if you were hosting the app on a website, it would have to have an HTTPS prefix (e.g.,

2. A Facebook Page where your Facebook App will live. You cannot put a Facebook App on a personal Facebook profile.


1. Register as a Facebook Developer to create a Facebook App. 

Step 1

Log into your Facebook account (this will be the account under which the developer license will be registered). 


Step 2

In a new browser tab, go to


Step 3

Click “Apps” at the top and click “Register as a Developer”


Step 4

A “Register as a Facebook Developer” modal will appear.

- Select "Yes" to accept the the Facebook Platform Policy and the Facebook Privacy Policy. 

- Click “Register”


- Click "Done" to confirm.


2. Create an App


Step 1

Select "Create a New App" in the "Apps" dropdown menu.

Step 2

Give the app a name. This name will be displayed on your live Postano tab. (E.g., Social Feeds)
The "Namespace" field is optional. 


Step 3

Under the "Category" dropdown, select "App For Page"


Step 4

Click "Create App" to confirm. 


3. Configure App Settings


Step 1

After the last step, you will be brought to your Developer Dashboard. Select "Settings" in the menu on the left.


Step 2
Write down your Application ID number, as you will need it later.


Step 3

Fill in “Apps Domains” field with your root domain of where your embed code will be hosted. (E.g.,

NOTE: You must use your own domain, and cannot use a single domain for more than one Facebook Page Tab 

Step 4

Write down your App Domains URL, as you will need it later.

NOTE: You may see the following warning when clicking "Save Changes". Please ignore it and keep moving through the steps. 


4. Add & Configure Page Tab Settings

Step 1

Click the "Add Platform" button below the basic settings area. 

Choose "Page Tab" in the Select Platform modal.


Step 2

Configure the Page Tab Settings.

Page Tab Name:
Enter a name for the embed. This name will not be displayed on your tab.


Page Tab URL: 
Insert the URL where the Postano embed code exists.


Secure Page Tab URL: 
Insert the secure URL where the Postano embed code exists. 

NOTE: You must enter both a Secure Page Tab URL and a Page Tab URL. In other words, your embed code must be hosted on an SSL-enabled site for it to appear in Facebook.  

Page Tab Edit URL: 
Leave this field empty.

Page Admin Control & Wide Page Tab: 
Leave as is, on active state. 

Page Tab Image: 
If desired, upload a tab image. This will be shown on your live Facebook tab.
Image size is 111 x 74 pixels. JPG, GIF, or PNG file types are accepted. File size limit is 1 MB.

Step 3

Save changes.


5. Publish App


Step 1

Navigate to "Status & Review" in your developers dashboard menu on the left-hand side of the screen.


Step 2

Toggle on the switch (next to "Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?) to "Yes". 

Confirm the action on the "Take App Live?" dialog box.


Step 3


Insert the Application ID number and App Domain URL that you wrote down earlier in this URL. Then insert the completed URL in a new browser window. This step links the application to a specific Facebook page.[APP ID]&next=[APP URL]

NOTE: &next=[APP URL] is the URL to where you will redirect the admin user after the page has been added.

Step 4

The above URL will prompt you to a "Add Page Tab" page if you have multiple Facebook Pages that you manage. Choose the Facebook Page you want to apply the Postano Tab to.

Click "Add Page Tab" to confirm.


6. You're done!

Navigate to your Facebook page and find your app there. Click on the tab and your Postano hub will load.

Share and have fun!






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